What Readers Say

"Absolutely loved it. Every word paints a vivid picture of this incredible and engaging story." Connie Clark, retired L.A. County school teacher.

"I will never look at a bunny the same way again. I was so drawn into the story I believed I was actually there. I highly recommend it to anyone." Joyce Hood, retired Washington State school teacher.

"My class thoroughly enjoyed Billy's book. Here's two of the many heartfelt reviews they sent to the author," "Best book I've ever read." "I hope you write another one, your books are fun." Rosemary Bierman, school teacher for gifted children.

​Adorable Story and Amazing Message
By bebebehr 
My daughter, who is 10 and a very avid reader, absolutely loved this book because of all of the adventures with the characters and the story of the rabbit (Tumkit) overcoming obstacles found in the forest. This book embodies courage, teamwork, friendship and love. My daughter could not stop reading this beautiful book and I loved the life lessons and entertainment it provided to her. Great message!!

A great inspirational story
By gela 
What a great book! Got this for my niece and she loves it! A great inspirational story for all ages. A timeless read, and great illustration!

Great Childrens read
By Joy christiansen 
I have a 9yr old boy who I purchased the book for. It was a great read for him. He is truly enjoying this book & making it one of our nightly reads. I would reccommend it to anyone with younger children.
How a lost baby bunny was rescued by forest friends and magic...
Left behind in a cold and dark burrow, a baby rabbit named Tumkit was destined to die of starvation until Vella, a shrewd and fearless mockingbird, discovered Tumkit and brought him a magic berry. The berry came from a solitary bush that grows in a cave near the top of Laurel Mountain. Vella warns Tumkit the bush is struggling to survive and unless they act quickly the supernatural powers of it's berries will be lost forever. Tumkit, Vella and Sully, a one-year-old buck and loyal friend to Vella, travel up the steep mountain in a desperate attempt to save the magic bush. Their quest takes a dangerous turn when they encounter Borwong, and angry and heartless grizzly bear, who refuses to allow anyone on his mountain.

It was a lot of fun writing The Secret Life of Tumkit
It all started when I saw a small rabbit sitting in the middle 
of my backyard. Wanting a closer look, I cautiously moved 
toward the rabbit stopping about fifteen feet away. I thought 
it was very odd he didn't run. For the longest time, we both 
just stared at each other and then he finally turned and 
disappeared into the bushes. I didn't think much about the encounter, other than this particular rabbit seemed awfully brave. When I awoke the next morning and looked out the window he was back again. I called my grandson over, who's eight-years-old and lives with us, and asked him if he'd seen that rabbit before.  

"Nope, I think he's a baby Grandpa." After the rabbit was done nibbling on some grass, he hopped under our deck. "Grandpa, do you think he's living under there? Where did he come from, why is he all alone, and where's his mother?" he kept firing questions at me. "Grandpa, we need to give him a name, everyone's got to have a name." 

I thought for a moment and said, "How about naming him Tumkit?" "That's perfect, Grandpa," he replied with a big smile on his face. For the rest of the day, I couldn't stop thinking about Tumkit. My grandson's questions were good ones, and there was only one way to answer his un-answerable questions and that was to ask the rabbit himself. This story is a true account of Tumkit's amazing adventures. ​​

I am a retired general contractor living in Bend, Oregon during the summer and Palm Desert, California in the winter. I love playing the guitar, fishing the ocean, writing and most of all playing with our five wonderful grandkids. Everyone told me grandkids would be the best and they were right. They've had such a positive impact on my life. They taught me how to have fun with my imagination again, just by watching them play with the simplest of things. I began to write, at the age of sixty-five, because of my grandmother. She passed away when I was young and all that's left of her are some faint memories and few black and white photo's. I know absolutely nothing about her past life so when I told that to my wife she said, "Why don't you write a book about your adventures? That way, when the grandkids are old enough, they can read how they all came to be born in Bend, Oregon." As a result, I published my first book, Behind Sight. My second book, The Secret Life of Tumkit, is a children's book. I'm currently working on a sequel. Hope you enjoy the stories.

"Okay Tumkit, you stay under the deck while I fly to the top of the maple tree to see if there's any creatures below that can hurt you. If I start singing then make a dash for the old wooden fence. When you get to the other side, wait for me." Before she could sing a second note, Tumkit was under the fence staring into the dense forest.  

It was darker on this side of the fence. The sunlight could barely penetrate through the branches of the towering trees, making it hard to see very far. Tumkit wasn't sure he had done the right thing leaving the safety of the deck. He searched through the thick brush but couldn't see any movement.  

A breeze ruffled his fur as he sniffed for scents of danger. Dried leaves and dust lifted into the air and he saw a family of quail run under a Juniper bush. There was a mom, dad and four little babies. Tumkit wanted to follow them but Vella had said not to move until she comes. Then he heard something scratch the top of the old wooden fence, it was Vella looking down at him. 

In a very serious voice she said, "Here's how we're going to do this Tumkit. I'll fly from one tree to another and you keep up with me on the ground as I go. If I stop, then you do the same. But if I chirp loudly, you hide under a log or rock pile, and don't come out until you hear me singing." 

"Vella, I just heard water dripping!" 

"You did, there's a small pond just ahead of you. You're safe to go ahead," she replied.  

Tumkit scrunched close to the ground, slid under some bushes and came face to face with a mud-covered bullfrog that was resting on a flat rock. He'd never seen such an odd looking creature. The frogs eyes bulged from his head and he was green and overly plump for his size. His fat belly ballooned in and out as he breathed. At first the frog just stared at Tumkit, but then he clumsily took one short hop toward Tumkit flopping back on his rock. A curious fly buzzed around the bullfrog's head, but was quickly devoured when he scooped the fly into his mouth with his long slimy tongue. Gulp! 

"Hmmm, that was delicious," he said. "I suppose you're here for a drink rabbit?" the frog asked with a deep croaking voice. 

"No I'm just passing through. I'm off on a bold adventure to find the..." 

"What, what are you trying to find?" the frog blinked as he inquired. "I can't say, I promised to keep it a secret."
"This book embodies courage, teamwork, friendship and love. My daughter could not stop reading this beautiful book and I loved the life lessons and entertainment it provided to her."                                                                                                                 ~Bebe